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, medicare, medicaid, pentagon acquisitions, the postal service. but the gal has added two others to the list this time around. which covers operations vulnerable to waste and fraud and abuse and mismanagement. the first is the government's overall management of programs that deal with weather events and possible climate change, and disaster relief programs.ce the gao is not weighing in here on the science of climate change just a financial risk to taxpayers of these programs, which are paid out well over several years. also weather satellite systems, which the gao says are not being managed well enough to ensure good weather tracking and warnings. >> the folks at the gao give us a to do list. high risk ways of wasting money. you don't have to be liberal or conservative. no one wants to waste money. >> the one piece of good news, the computer geeks at the irs have now made enough existing fixes to the agency's troubled 10 billion-dollar computer modernization program to finally get it off the list. it went on the list in 1995. eighteen years and has been on this list. david: it was nice to se
the military, the pentagon, the joint chiefs and so forth make clear what the implications will be to national security. it is a bad picture that is painted. liz: if it is not appropriate to properly, at least to the treasury, could the president say, we're willing to look in 85 billion in cuts just appropriated differently. now? >> there is no amount of flexibility or difference of appropriation and adjustments. install, forgo the kind of economic damage to national security damage that will occur if the sequesters on and will we need to do, we need to come around to doing and what congress ought to do is put forward a balanced approach that avoids all of that. it is not necessary for us to have to feel the economic pain that would be entailed. our economy has been moving along at an upward rate at least , pick up that pace. what will be a shame is tiffany's is why congress to rescind an as gears. that will be a self-inflicted wound that we should avoid. liz: less talk about other things that are -- coming to a groundswell. for example, dodd-frank. that is not entirely done. particularly the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2